Monday, April 23, 2007

Quantum Physics is like....

Virtual Memory in Terracotta. :)

I just saw this article "Quantum physics says goodbye to reality" post over on Slashdot which makes an implication regarding reality that has been nagging physicists for many years, basically unless you're looking at it, the world appears not to exist. Which begs the question, who, really, defines "looking" and what exactly is the act of looking?

Well in Java, those questions are a little easier to answer. We "look" at data using the bytecode instruction "get_field", and Terracotta's implementation of virtual memory uses that to it's advantage. Objects that exist in the cluster don't necessarily exist in the local VM until the VM "looks" at them by executing the get_field instruction. It's at this moment that Terracotta "faults" the object in, just in time, so that the VM believes the object was there all along.

So does reality exist when you're not looking? I don't know the answer to that, but at least in Java with Teracotta I do. The answer is yes - in the Terracotta server! :)

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